Austin Scholars Award Program (ASAP)

🌟 2024 Is Our 50th Year Anniversary! 🌟 2024 Ceremony was May 19 at 11:30! 🌟

🌟Special Thanks to Mayor Johnson & Alders Taliaferro (29th) and Mitts (37th)🌟
2024 Scholars are 20 strong from 14 CPS high schools representing Austin!

2023 ASAP Slide Show

Thanks to the Austin Voice and Editor Brad Cummings, see our cover story articles from both the 2022 and 2023 Scholars' Sundays. Check out our new 2023 Annual Report!

Class of 2016 Scholars with U. S. Representative Danny Davis in center top row.

The Austin Scholars Award Program (ASAP) is a committee of Third Unitarian Church in Chicago at Since 1974, our Austin Scholars Program has awarded more than 400 college scholarships to outstanding public high school seniors in the Austin community.  We want Austin high school seniors to go to college ASAP!



15 Scholars from 11 CPS High Schools!

Barack Obama, JD, 44th President of the United States, in remarks at Pellissippi State Community College in Tennessee on Jan. 9, 2015:

"Education helps us be better people. It helps us be better citizens. You came to college to learn about the world and to engage with new ideas and to discover the things you’re passionate about — and maybe have a little fun. And to expand your horizons. That’s terrific — that’s a huge part of what college has to offer.

"But you’re also here, now more than ever, because a college degree is the surest ticket to the middle class. It is the key to getting a good job that pays a good income — and to provide you the security where even if you don’t have the same job for 30 years, you’re so adaptable and you have a skill set and the capacity to learn new skills, it ensures you’re always employable.

"And that is the key not just for individual Americans, that’s the key for this whole country’s ability to compete in the global economy. In the new economy, jobs and businesses will go wherever the most skilled, best-educated workforce resides… And I want them to look no further than the United States of America."