Preventing College Dropout

Rate Statistics from Education Data Initiative as of October 29, 2023

Illinois College Dropout Rates

Rate Statistics from Education Data Initiative as of October 29, 2023

The college dropout or SCND (some college with no degree) rate in Illinois is just above the national average.

Analysis: Why Are Students Leaving College?

Attending college generally requires sacrifices. Students who drop out typically do so because they feel these sacrifices (which may include hunger and homelessness) are not worth the potential benefits of a degree.

For example, 42% of college dropouts indicate they left due to financial reasons. Financial sacrifice and related stress are among the most common reasons former students give for dropping out. Rising tuition rates outpace currency inflation and the increasing cost of living. For most students, even part-time college is out of reach without financial aid; losing this aid or another source of income necessitates dropping out.

Academic disqualification and a lack of family support are both common reasons for dropping out that often relate to a lack of academic preparedness. As many as 25% of students who take standardized tests for college readiness are directed to remedial college courses. Remedial courses act as a bottleneck for students because these courses do not count for credits, delay graduation, and increase tuition costs. Fewer than 25% of college students taking remedial coursework go on to declare a major and graduate.